15.6oz Fabric Spray

Orange Lemon Splash

Suggested Retail Price: from $6.95*

Boasts a unique blend of sweet oranges with a splash of tangy lemons. This sun sweetened, fresh & exotic intermingling of citrus fragrances is perfect for anyone who loves refreshing and invigorating scents!

Product Details
  • Scent: Orange Lemon Splash
  • Fragrance Notes: Fruity, fresh, tangy
  • Weight: 15.6oz
  • Available Year-Round

*Will vary based on your location.

11Orange Lemon Splash fragrance elements


Eliminates odors immediately!! Dog, litter box and cooking odors disappear!

September 24, 2020

I have long hair Dachshunds and also care for a couple of visiting long hair Dachshunds. Needless to say, they love to romp and play both indoors and out. The only problem… I still have carpet in one of my rooms and so their “odors” get stuck in the carpet. I vac daily and steam clean every six months, but the odor comes back in a short amount of time. I used this odor eliminator when it arrived and was pleasantly pleased with how well it worked… both instantly and hours later. My home smells fresh again and no longer has that “wet dog” odor.

Chewy Customer
September 11, 2019

I was skeptical but this stuff really knocks out the stink of three large dogs. It is not overpowering or fake smelling.

Chewy Customer
January 21, 2018

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