13oz Jar Candle

Maui Wowie Mango™

Suggested Retail Price: from $7.95*

A true Hawaiian combination of juicy mangos, fresh peach, and ripe pineapple.

Product Details
  • Scent: Maui Wowie Mango
  • Fragrance Notes: Fruity, tropical
  • Burn Time: Up to 70 hours
  • Weight: 13oz
  • Available in the Year-Round Mix

*Will vary based on your location.

11Maui Wowie Mango fragrance elements

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I love this candle! It has lasted longer than I expected and with 1 large breed dog, two large breed puppies, and a geriatric cat – this candle has been a life-saver. The scent is not overwhelming like other candles I have tried in the past and it helped clear the smell of the house after the puppies left a few presents behind after breaking out of their crate one night.

Chewy Customer
February 7, 2021

I live in South Florida and this smells exactly like the middle of the summer during mango season, when the air is heavy with the scent of this ripe, juicy fruit. The scent is 100% perfectly spot-on! Please don’t stop selling it!

Chewy Customer
November 2, 2018

We have 3 dogs ranging from 85lbs to 145lbs in one large room at night so you can imagine the smell after playing outside. The room is on the bottom floor directly under the living room so the smell from the floor vents would really bother and embarrass me. This candle is amazing. It eliminates the odor and not just masks it. I dont know how but you can walk in the house now and you honestly dont know my beasty boos just came in from playtime. One candle permiates the entire house. Its crazy! But awesome crazy!!

Chewy Customer
April 20, 2018

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