7oz Spray


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A perfectly blended sweet and tart mix of Valencia orange, sour lemon peel and a splash of jasmine topped off with a sprinkle of sugar.

Product Details
  • Scent: Hippie Love
  • Fragrance Notes: Sweet, fruity, tart
  • Weight: 7oz
  • Available in the Pup Culture Mix

*Will vary based on your location.

11Lollipets fragrance elements


I found the Lollipets candle at a pet store and it smelled so good I had to have it. My doodle doesn’t even smell. The air freshener smells like the candle and they both smell like yummy candy. This brand makes several scents but this one is my favorite. I try to always have a candle and a bottle of the air freshener.

Chewy Customer
October 12, 2020

This stuff is amazing. Very sweet smelling! I use this scent (which smells kinda like opening a giant bag of gummy bears) and the hippie scent (which smells like dried pineapples, peaches and vanilla). When you use them together they make THE MOST AWESOME SCENT! I use the hippie candle and the lolli spray together and now I’m obsessed! It also lasts a lot longer than Febreeze or Glade spray.

Chewy Customer
June 19, 2019

We love this product! We’ve tried different scents and enjoy them all. This one is a really fun scent though! Reminds us of candy. It pairs well with the candle also available on chewy.com. Everyone is different and we realize some people may not like this product as much as we do. It’s not an overbearing or off putting smell though, so we think it’s worth the shot to try it out.

Chewy Customer
June 4, 2018

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