Not sure how to
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Learn how you can price our products to meet your specific sales
goals! We know every retailer is unique with a different clientele
and needs. Our marketing suggestions will help you order the products that
will work best for your practice and price them to sell.

MSRP/Marketing Suggestions and Solutions


Retailer Price per Candle Case
(12 count, 1 fragrance):

$60.00 ($5.00 per unit)

  • By ordering in full case counts, retailers receive the lowest price point, giving a larger profit margin.

$9.95- $11.95

Retailer Price per Presorted
Mixed Candle Case (12 count):

$63.60 ($5.30 per unit)

  • Premixed assortment with 12 different fragrances per case to help determine what your customers prefer.
  • Helps to give a variety of fragrances to offer without a large quantity of each scent.

$9.95- $11.95

Retailer Price per Split Candle Case
(12 count, 2 fragrances):

$63.60 ($5.30 per unit)

  • Retailers can choose their own two fragrances and will receive 6 candles of each fragrance per case.
  • Retailers can bring in smaller quantities of scents that retail the best for each season.

$9.95- $11.95


Retailer Price per Premixed
7oz Spray Case (12 count):

$49.80 ($4.15 per unit)

  • Retailers can purchase mixed sprays giving them 1 spray of each scent available to offer to customers without a large quantity of each scent.
  • Retailers can receive a matching spray with a premixed candle case giving the opportunity to offer bundle deals when purchasing premixed candle cases.

$6.95- $8.95

Retailer Price per 4-Pack 7oz Sprays
(4 count, 1 fragrance):

$15.40 ($3.85 per unit)

  • Retailers may purchase a 4-pack of spray of any one fragrance offered.
  • Retailers receive a small quantity without having the mixed case upcharge giving them a higher profit margin.

$6.95- $8.95

Retailer Price per 2.5oz Mini Spray
Case (12 count):

$32.40 ($2.70 per unit)

  • A mini version of our 7oz aerosol spray but travel size. 
  • Offers retailers an impulse item for check out desk.
  • Comes in a retail display case free of charge.

$3.95- $5.95

Retailer Price per 4-Pack Fabric Sprays
(4 count, 1 fragrance):

$16.00 ($4.00 per unit)

  • Water based fabric spray, safe for fabric, animal beds, and carpet.
  • Available in 4-packs of the same scent for $16.00 per pack
  • Offers customers a more natural odor exterminating solution


Car Fresheners

Retailer Price per Car Freshener Pack (12 count):

$12.00 ($1.00 per unit)

  • Rear view mirror car hanger for the vehicle, gives retailers an opportunity to retail to customers that travel with pets.
  • Can be used in places outside of the vehicle, on door knobs, around cat litter boxes, in closets and drawers.

$2.00- $3.00

Freight Cost

Specialty Pet Products prefers not to work the price of freight into our product costs, giving all retailers the lowest price per unit on a daily basis.  We only charge the customer exactly what the shipper charges to ship the product to you.  All freight is determined by weight. We strive for 40-50% gross profit for our customers by suggesting you take the landed candle cost and add in % for MSRP.  The UPS freight quote sheet will offer our retailers an idea of freight cost per case of candles in their area.  Please contact our sales office if you would like a freight quote at any time.  We thank you for considering our brand to help maximize your sales.

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