2019 Holiday

Fragrance Guide

The holidays are approaching fast. That means last-minute shopping trips, wish lists, and family gatherings. Make sure you're prepared to offer your clients the fragrances they're looking for this holiday season!

We've highlighted our favorite scents for the season in this guide.

With over 50 unique scents to choose from, these are the ones we feel are perfect for the most wonderful time of the year! 

Most fragrances are available in Jar Candles and 7oz sprays while supplies last.

fragrance list Caramel Vanilla Latte.png

Caramel Vanilla Latte

fragrance list Apple Pumpkin.png

Apple Pumpkin

fragrance list Cabin Nights.png

Cabin Nights

The aroma of Gala apples and pumpkin pie with just a touch of clove and cinnamon sends the scent of fall soaring through the air.

Forged from the amber glow of a cozy campfire with the essence of nightfall musk, citron zest and white cedar sandalwood.

A sweet baker’s fragrance with a blend of caramel and vanilla and an undertone of coffee.  

fragrance list Cinnamon Sprinkle.png

Cinnamon Sprinkle

fragrance list Evergreen Berries.png

Evergreen & Berries

fragrance list Falln Leaves.png

Fall'n Leaves

The aroma of spicy cinnamon bubbling out of the center of hot cinnamon rolls. This fragrance is so warm and inviting, you will want to keep it lit all the time. 

Enjoy the cozy feeling of Christmas with a scent that’s like strolling through a brisk winter forest. Fresh cut pine with the tartness of berries will transform any room into a winter wonderland.

A light fragrance filled with apple butter, ginger & cloves. A fragrance sure to remind you fall is in the air.

fragrance list Salted Caramel.png

Salted Caramel

fragrance list Sparkling Juniper.png

Sparkling  Juniper

fragrance list Sugar Plum.png

Sugar Plum

fragrance list Sugared Cranberry.png

Sugared Cranberry

fragrance list Vanilla Glitz.png

Vanilla Glitz

fragrance list Maple Leaf.png

Maple Leaf

Notes of rich buttermilk pancakes, sweet cream butter & warm maple syrup.  

fragrance list Pumpkin Spice.png

Pumpkin & Spice

Everyone finds it hard to resist the aroma of warm, homemade pumpkin pie and spices. A warm blend of buttery pumpkin with nutmeg, cinnamon, clove, and ginger.

fragrance list Puppiccino.png


Dark roasted fresh brewed coffee complemented by generous notes of chocolate, smooth vanilla and sugar cane with a hint of black musk.

Brings the sweet smoothness of caramel and the bite of salt together in an unforgettable fragrance combination. Delicious aromas of slow toasted sugar mixed with sea salt, cream and vanilla beans.

Cut fir, sweet citrus notes, juniper berries with a touch of cedar wood

and spice.

A sweet, candy-like fragrance with notes of plum nectar, blackberry, lemon sugar, apricot and sweet marshmallow. It's juicy and delicious!

A refreshing blend of fresh, tart cranberries with hints of nutmeg and ginger. A perfect fragrance for the winter season.

Golden Buttery vanilla with hints of pecan. Nostalgic of grandma's yellow cake. Warm and yummy!

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