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We've got something for everyone.

Our Pet Odor Exterminator candles and sprays come in dozens of unique year-round and limited edition fragrances. Whether you love the smell of spring flowers, a tropical beach vacation, or a delicious buttercream-filled doughnut, we’ve got something for every client out there. Take a look at what’s available right now!

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Scents for any time of the year, anywhere, and for any client


Bamboo Breeze

Bamboo Breeze 13oz Jar Candle

Bamboo Breeze is an uplifting and airy fragrance best described as fresh & clean! The light nature of this scent makes it perfect for any occasion. Take a deep breath and let the Bamboo Breeze whisk you away.

Available in: Jar Candle, 7oz Spray, Fabric Spray


Blue Serenity™

Blue Serenity 13oz Jar Candle

A vibrant hydrangea fragrance with undertones of fresh blueberry.

Available in: Jar Candle, 7oz Spray


Cinnamon Apple

Cinnamon Apple 13oz Jar Candle

This aroma blends the scents of spicy cinnamon sticks warming on the stove with the fruity touches of a ripened apple. The fragrance will truly satisfy all your senses.

Available in: Jar Candle, 7oz Spray


Clothesline Fresh

Clothesline Fresh 13oz Jar Candle

Our master blender has created an exquisite new color and fragrance to remind your customers of beautiful blue spring skies, crisp spring air and the fresh clean smell of laundry sun-drying on the clothesline.

Available in: Jar Candle, 7oz Spray, 2.5oz Spray, Car Hanger, Fabric Spray


Cool Cucumber & Honeydew

Cool Cucumber & Honeydew 13oz Jar Candle

We will be discontinuing the Honeydew Melon and replacing it with Cool Cucumber & Honeydew. This new fragrance is amazing and smells just like its name. A cool, refreshing hint of cucumber blended with the soft sweetness of honeydew, this one is definitely a crowd favorite!

Available in: Jar Candle, 7oz Spray


Creamy Vanilla

Creamy Vanilla 13oz Jar Candle

Vanilla is one of the most beloved fragrances around the world. We have captured the ultimate essence of vanilla in this warm, delicious and now even creamier, new & improved Creamy Vanilla. This is a fragrance everyone will melt over.

Available in: Jar Candle, 7oz Spray, 2.5oz Spray, Car Hanger, Fabric Spray


Kiwi Twisted Strawberry

Kiwi Twisted Strawberry 13oz Jar Candle

Kiwi Strawberry is a fruity fragrance twist with juicy strawberries, sweet ripe kiwis, Argentina lemons, wild berries, and more!

Available in: Jar Candle, 7oz Spray


Lavender with Chamomile

Lavender with Chamomile 13oz Jar Candle

A soothing aroma of crisp lavender that you’re sure to love. Infused with chamomile to enhance relaxation, this sweet floral fragrance is calming and stress reducing.

Available in: Jar Candle, 7oz Spray,  2.5oz Spray, Car Hanger, Fabric Spray


Maui Wowie Mango™

Maui Wowie Mango 13oz Jar Candle

A true Hawaiian combination of juicy mangos, fresh peach, and ripe pineapple.

Available in: Jar Candle, 7oz Spray


Mulberry & Spice™

Mulberry & Spice 13oz Jar Candle

This fragrance is a wonderful combination of wild berries, cinnamon sticks and bitter orange peels.

Available in: Jar Candle, 7oz Spray


Orange Lemon Splash™

Orange Lemon Splash 13oz Jar Candle

Boasts a unique blend of sweet oranges with a splash of tangy lemons. This sun sweetened, fresh & exotic intermingling of citrus fragrances is perfect for anyone who loves refreshing and invigorating scents!

Available in: Jar Candle, 7oz Spray, 2.5oz Spray, Car Hanger, Fabric Spray


Pineapple Coconut

Pineapple Coconut 13oz Jar Candle

This tropical fragrance is a deliciously balanced blend of juicy pineapple and creamy coconut. This is a combination we like to call paradise! Sit back, relax and let this fragrance take you away!

Available in: Jar Candle, 7oz Spray, Car Hanger

Hip, trendy, and groovy fragrances to bring the life of the party to any room


Flower Power™

Flower Power 13oz Jar Candle

This bohemian blend fragrance features a kaleidoscope of wild flower essences, morning dew, ylang, pink peony, amber, sandalwood and soft patchouli all fused together with the subtle sweetness of papaya and apricots.

Available in: Jar Candle, 7oz Spray, Car Hanger


Happy Days™

Happy Days 13oz Jar Candle

Happy Days™ is bursting with fruitiness. It’s a sweet blend of lemon, mango, peach, mandarin candy, pineapple, wild melon & vanilla. It’s an explosion of happiness.

Available in: Jar Candle, 7oz Spray, 2.5oz Spray, Car Hanger


Hippie Love™

Hippie Love 13oz Jar Candle

A sweet and entrancing fragrance combination of tropical fruits and just a hint of spice.

Available in: Jar Candle, 7oz Spray, 2.5oz Spray, Car Hanger, Fabric Spray



Lollipets 13oz Jar Candle

A perfectly blended sweet and tart mix of Valencia orange, sour lemon peel and a splash of jasmine topped off with a sprinkle of sugar.

Available in: Jar Candle, 7oz Spray, 2.5oz Spray, Car Hanger


Patchouli Amber™

Patchouli Amber 13oz Jar Candle

Exciting vibrant and exotic. A kaleidoscope of sensuous patchouli, cedarwood and lemon drop blended with bergamot and exotic musk makes this a tantalizing fragrance experience you won’t forget.

Available in: Jar Candle, 7oz Spray



Sandalwood 13oz Jar Candle

A distinctive soft, warm, smooth, creamy and milky precious-wood scent.

Available in: Jar Candle, 7oz Spray


Sugar Skull™

Sugar Skull 13oz Jar Candle

A men’s cologne with notes of lavender, sandalwood and spices. Vanilla Bourbon, orchid petals, and pomegranate combine to create a delicate musk. 

Available in: Jar Candle, 7oz Spray


Yin Yang™

Yin Yang 13oz Jar Candle

Yin Yang is a magical blend of fragrances that elevates the spirit. Bergamot, lemon, lavender, geranium, patchouli & musk interconnect and complement each other offering balance and wholeness. Re-balance your senses with Yin Yang today.

Available in: Jar Candle, 7oz Spray

Capture a day in the park with your pet, fresh baked pastries, flower fields and more!



Barkery 13oz Jar Candle

This is not your normal pet treat. Barkery is like walking into a gourmet bakery with freshly made donuts lining the shelves. Delightful aromas of cooling pastries and vanilla buttercream filled doughnuts take over your senses. This fragrance is a real human treat!

Available in: Jar Candle, 7oz Spray


Furry Tails

Furry Tails 13oz Jar Candle

A blend of delicious black currant, Sicilian lemon, mandarin & raspberry intertwined with star anise, lavender, heliotrope, patchouli & cedar wood, this fragrance is sure to bring the comfort and peace of a sunny day in the park with your loving pet right to your home.

Available in: Jar Candle, 7oz Spray



Pawtopia 13oz Jar Candle

The new Pawtopia is a perfect balance of sweet and tart with woodsy and floral. An infusion of black currant, pomegranate, green apple peel and sugar cane blended with oak and peony leaf to make a fragrance of purrfection for you to enjoy.

Available in: Jar Candle, 7oz Spray



Woofstock 13oz Jar Candle

This scent captures the spirit of one of the most famous music festivals in history. Classic fragrances of citrus, bergamot, lavender & geranium blended with earthy sandalwood, piney cedar wood & throwback musk will send you on a good trip back to the 60’s.

Available in: Jar Candle, 7oz Spray

Celebrate your pets with the Celebration Mix!


Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

Everyone loves a Happy Birthday party especially with fragrances of vanilla buttercream cupcakes with buttercream frosting topped with candy sprinkles. Let the celebrations begin!

Available in: Jar Candle, 7oz Spray


Furever Friend

Furever Friend

A comforting blend of Italian bergamot, lime zest, grapefruit rind, lotus petals and red cedar kissed with golden amber. A fragrance to honor your furever friend with.

Available in: Jar Candle, 7oz Spray




You will get warm and fuzzy feelings from this fragrance blend of orange, peach, wild raspberries, pink watermelon, lemonade & sweet cantaloupe. Rescued is an uplifting and heart warming experience.

Available in: Jar Candle, 7oz Spray

Unique seasonal scents to help you seize each selling season. Available only for a limited time!


Ocean Breeze

A luxurious fragrance blend of Asian berries, bergamot, artic rosemary, frosted basil, musk, and Celtic sea salt. This unique blend of fresh marine and botanical scents will make you kick off your shoes to feel the sand under your feet.

Available in: Jar Candle, 7oz Spray


Sea Glass

Sea Glass

Crisp ocean air with tangerine zests, cool blue waters, sea salt crystals and island jasmine drifting onto the amber sandy shores.

Available in: Jar Candle, 7oz Spray


Peace River

Peace River

A calming and refreshing fragrance blend of waterstone, mandarin, marine accord, jasmine, patchouli, sensual must with a twist of lemon. Immerse yourself and bring some peace into your life today.

Available in: Jar Candle, 7oz Spray


Island Rain

Island Rain

Island Rain is a tropical fragrance blend of rain soaked palms, bold eucalyptus, soft lavender and sweet hyacinth with a touch of cedar and tonka bean. You’ll enjoy getting caught in this new Island Rain.

Available in: Jar Candle, 7oz Spray


Shave Ice

Who doesn’t love a frozen sweet tropical dessert on a hot day? Shave Ice is gushing with all those syrup fragrances you love like grape, blue raspberry, orange, strawberry, lemon and so many more. Time to get your chill on!

Available in: Jar Candle


Tropical Fiesta

Tropical Fiesta is a party in paradise. A veritable jungle juice blend of ripe tangerine, sweet pineapple, Valencia orange, tart grapefruit, fresh peach and tropical coconut. A celebration of fragrances for your senses.

Available in: Jar Candle, 7oz Spray


Bubbly Mimosa

Not only for special occasions, Bubbly Mimosa should be enjoyed everyday. An uplifting fragrance blend of lemon, juicy orange, tropical guava, Bergamot and sparkling champagne. A bubbly ambiance to brighten your day!

Available in: Jar Candle, 7oz Spray


Lemon Shake-Up

A juicy blend of tart lemon, pink grapefruit and sweet orange finished off with a touch of mint and musk. Lemon Shake-Up is an unexpected but delightful twist your sense will shake-up over!

Available in: Jar Candle


Sour Applez

Like a bushel of crisp and juicy granny smith apples, Sour Applez is bursting with sweet and slightly tart fragrances, finished with a soft musk. It’s a mouth puckering fragrance you’ll be glad you picked!

Available in: Jar Candle, 7oz Spray



An uplifting blend of zesty tangerine peel and sweet orange with bergamot and lemongrass, finished with fragrant citrus blossoms. Get zingy with this mouth-watering Tangie fragrance today!

Available in: Jar Candle, 7oz Spray




A celestial fragrance blend of golden bergamot, crisp McIntosh apples, sparkling citron, exotic cardamom and spicy cinnamon leaf. An out of this world fragrance you won’t want to miss.

Available in: Jar Candle


Tree of Life

Tree of Life

This fragrance will surround you with the rustic winds of the Costa Rican Rain Forest, sensations of sparkling citrus, woody oak moss, fresh Emerald fir needles and fragrant Redwood twigs. It’s a super natural delight for your senses.

Available in: Jar Candle

Can't decide? Get in the mix!


Year-Round 13oz Jar Candle Mix

Year-Round Mix

• 1 x Bamboo Breeze
• 1 x Blue Serenity
• 1 x Cinnamon Apple
• 1 x Clothesline Fresh

• 1 x Cool Cucumber & Honeydew
• 1 x Creamy Vanilla
• 1 x Kiwi Twisted Strawberry
• 1 x Lavender with Chamomile

• 1 x Maui Wowie Mango
• 1 x Mulberry & Spice
• 1 x Orange Lemon Splash
• 1 x Pineapple Coconut

Available in: Jar Candles

Pup Culture Mix

• 1 x Barkery
• 1 x Woofstock
• 1 x Furry Tails
• 1 x Pawtopia

• 1 x Hippie Love
• 1 x Lollipets
• 1 x Happy Days
• 1 x Yin Yang

• 1 x Sandalwood
• 1 x Patchouli Amber
• 1 x Flower Power
• 1 x Sugar Skull

Available in: Jar Candles & 7oz Sprays

Pup Culture 13oz Jar Candle Mix
Pets in the Park 13oz Jar Candle Mix

Pets in the Park Mix

• 3 x Barkery
• 3 x Woofstock
• 3 x Furry Tails
• 3 x Pawtopia

Available in: Jar Candles

Mini Spray Mix

• 1 x Creamy Vanilla
• 2 x Clothesline Fresh
• 1 x Lavender with Chamomile
• 2 x Orange Lemon Splash
• 2 x Hippie Love
• 2 x Happy Days
• 2 x Lollipets

Mix changes with available scents.

Year-Round Car Hanger Mix

Year-Round Car Hanger Mix

• 3 x Clothesline Fresh
• 3 x Creamy Vanilla
• 3 x Lavender with Chamomile
• 3 x Orange Lemon Splash

Pop Culture Car Hanger Mix

• 3 x Hippie Love
• 3 x Lollipets
• 3 x Flower Power
• 3 x Happy Days

Pop Culture Car Hanger Mix
The Celebration Mix

Celebration Mix

• 4 x Happy Birthday
• 4 x Rescued
• 4 x Furever Friend

Summer Mix

• 3 x Island Rain
• 3 x Peace River
• 3 x Sea Glass
• 3 x Ocean Breeze