Digital Marketing

  While foot traffic to your business may be negatively impacted by coronavirus-related closures, you can still take the opportunity to increase your digital online presence! In the United States alone about 224.1 million people have shopped online and purchased merchandise at least once in 2019, according to Statista.


  If your business does not currently make online sales, now is the time. Learn how you can create or increase your online presence through the use of an e-commerce website, email marketing, and social media.



  Create a FREE website where your clients can learn more about your business's history, the products you carry, store hours, sales and events! This web platform requires no knowledge of coding to design stunning, eye-catching websites so it is perfect for clients with no previous online presence that are just starting out. E-commerce features and domain hosting can be accessed for additional fees.


  Squarespace is another popular web platform that makes it easy to design your website using professional templates and drag and drop elements. E-commerce plans begin at $26 a month and all plans receive 24/7 customer support making this another great option for those who are just beginning to sell their products online.


  For those seeking a more robust and customizable web design platform, WordPress is probably the best option out there. Choose from thousands of customizable themes tailored to your business type or design your own. Use plugins to add virtually any kind of functionality to your site that you can think of. With so many ways to customize your site, WordPress is one of the most popular web platforms for so many professional brands and businesses.

Email Marketing

  Email campaigns are extremely useful for creating a successful web presence. Through these campaigns you can keep your customers informed of the latest happenings at your store, new inventory, sales and seasonal promotions - you name it! Keep your customers engaged and looking forward to your emails through exclusive promotions just for subscribers.

  There are several options for building and delivering your email campaigns. Fees will vary depending on the size of your audience and need for customization. Try some of the popular options below.

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Schedule emails for holidays and seasons such as:

  • New Year's Day

  • Valentine's Day

  • St. Patrick's Day

  • First Day of Spring

  • Easter

  • First Day of Summer

  • Fourth of July

  • First Day of Fall

  • Halloween

  • Thanksgiving

  • First Day of Winter

  • Christmas

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Social Media

  The way businesses market and promote their products has changed dramatically with the introduction of social media over the past decades. According to a report by Hootsuite, 43% of internet users use social media when researching things to buy which means a strong social media presence will lead to more sales.


  Use social media to promote your sales, give live demonstrations of your products or a tour through your store, and interact with your customer bases and answer their questions at a moment's notice. Use social media to gauge what products your clients are most interested in purchasing or if they run into any issues when using your products. Responding quickly and solving customer issues can help you build trust and a reputation for good customer service.

Tip: Now that many businesses are trying to reduce potential exposure of the virus between their clients and staff, several have offered to take orders over the phone and set up a curbside pickup instead. Social media can help you immediately let your customers know if you are offering this extended service and during what hours.


  Over 3 million businesses advertise on Facebook (source). Set up a page for your store so current and potential customers can easily find and contact you. You can also directly advertise and boost your own posts so more users can see what you have to offer.




  Instagram offers a more visual and trendier audience. Creatively staged images of your products and the use of relevant hash tags can help boost your presence among an audience that's always looking to stay on top trends.



  YouTube is great for audiences that want to see how a product is used through video. Users also seek in-depth reviews from popular YouTubers so a strong following can encourage potential customers to give your products a try.



  Use Twitter to quickly spread the word about what's happening at your business. Did you just restock a popular item? A summer sale? An in-store event offering discounts to attendees? With a 280 character count limit, tweets are short and to the point, providing your audience with the information they want quickly.



  Pinterest is a unique platform because it allows users to save web pages in a visual board format. DIY crafts, recipes, and home decor content is very popular. Similar to Instagram, well-staged images of products can catch a viewer's attention and link them directly to your sales website. You can also advertise and sell directly through buyable pins.

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  Ready to begin expanding your online presence? Feel free to use our digital resources for up-to-date Pet Odor Exterminator product images and company logos for use on your website and social media channels. Don't see images for a fragrance you are carrying? Contact us and we'll add it right away!

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