Dear Pet Odor Retailer,

​  Thank you for choosing to buy our Pet Odor Candles and Sprays and for representing these Made in N.C. USA products in your hometown and community. We appreciate your support and are proud to be part of your team!

  ​We would like to send our positive blessings to you, your store associates, your families and your business. We are all in this together and wanted you to know you can feel good about reaching out to us for orders, questions, or to just stay in touch. All “your favorite” sales associates are working remotely and are ready to help you via computer or phone!

  We know your customers enjoy using these ODOR ELIMINATING products to exterminate unwanted odors in their homes, and now more than ever, they could be staying indoors longer. During this extra time inside, they can enjoy using these specially formulated Pet Odor candles and sprays to help clear the air of any extra odors that accumulate.

  The large variety of fragrances we offer can help your customers RELAX, STAY CALM and take a DEEP BREATH, all while eliminating unwanted odors and helping them refresh their homes. Using their favorite Pet Odor eliminating fragrances can help bring a little bit of comfort, joy and peace into their surroundings.

  Specialty Pet Products is continuing to safely produce these products, pulling, packing and shipping orders, and doing all we can to keep these needed and necessary products coming to you. Pet Odor Candles and Sprays are necessary!

  We will continue to do all that we can to “Keep the Flame Lit”!

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